Why Oklahoma City is Becoming a Popular Place to Move To

Oklahoma City is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people looking for new opportunities and experiences due its low unemployment rate and relaxed COVID restrictions.

Why Oklahoma City is Becoming a Popular Place to Move To

In Kevin Stitt's first term, he reduced taxes, expanded school options, slowed government growth to accumulate unprecedented state savings, and imposed COVID restrictions that were much more limited in scope and duration than those in many states. Oklahoma's population growth exceeds that of the nation, and this population increase coincided with the removal of most COVID restrictions in Oklahoma, even when mandates were maintained in other states. Kevin Stitt's administration sees a strong correlation between Oklahoma's growth and the governor's focus on maximizing citizen freedom. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Oklahoma had the third lowest unemployment rate in the country in October.

Oklahoma's unemployment rate was 2.7 percent, the lowest rate of its kind in the state since 1976 and one point lower than that of neighboring states. The unemployment rate then fell to 2.5 percent in November. In the immediate region, only Texas experienced better growth. Otherwise, Oklahoma fared much better than all the other states that border it.

Aside from Texas, net domestic migration to Oklahoma was at least 54 percent greater than what occurred in all other neighboring states. The net number of people moving to Oklahoma from other states (24.68) was almost equal to the net number of domestic migrants in Colorado and Missouri combined. Nationally, the only states that achieved a higher growth rate than Oklahoma were Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. All remaining states had population growth between 0.01 percent and 0.5 percent.

The fact that many people are moving to Oklahoma defies the predictions of some critics who claim that Oklahoma's conservative political environment scares away more people than it attracts. These views were championed earlier this year by participants in a panel organized in June by the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, entitled “Is the United States a 'Fundamentally Racist Nation'? A faith perspective? Much of that panel focused on the enactment of House Bill 1775, which prohibited K-12 schools in Oklahoma from teaching several concepts broadly associated with critical race theory. The panelists argued that this bill would make it difficult for people to move to Oklahoma due to its perceived racism. However, those who interact directly with people now moving to Oklahoma say that the state's political climate is part of the attractiveness for new residents, not only in terms of COVID restrictions but also in terms of broader political debates.

New census data shows that Oklahoma is among the top states where people move. So whether you choose to put on a cowboy hat or briefcase or maybe even both, this evolving meter has a lot to offer you when you decide to move to Oklahoma City. According to a recent study by United Van Lines, Oklahoma is one of the top states where people move. Whether you love the arts, enjoy a good dinner, watch a sports game or are just out and about, Oklahoma City is full of great areas to live life to the fullest.

Oklahoma is addicted to college football: cities are expected to seem to close on Saturdays in the fall; everyone will be glued to the TV screen watching the game. Oklahoma City is also known for having some of the cleanest air in the country as well as great weather and low crime. Worry-free travel during peak hours is another plus for those looking for positions in specialized industries such as natural gas, oil and oil production; Oklahoma City has huge companies for these industries. If you're lucky enough to watch a game during the season at the Oklahoma City Arena you'll discover why it's one of the toughest places to play in the country if you're a visiting team.

Count on us from your free evaluation to organizing quality professional moving and transportation services and helping you move your belongings safely to your new destination in Oklahoma City. Despite all the professional college and amateur sports you can enjoy as a spectator in the state capital none capture the imagination of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. The great people at OKC are proud that this is a place where you can come to work play and of course live. So if you're looking for an exciting place with plenty of opportunities for work play and relaxation then look no further than Oklahoma City!.

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