Exploring the Cultural Festivals of Oklahoma: A Guide to the Best Events in the Sooner State

From Native American culture to rodeos & classic state fairs - explore cultural festivals & events in Oklahoma! Red Earth Festival offers insight into Native American culture while State Fair offers classic American cuisine event. Arts Festival & DeadCenter Film Fe

Exploring the Cultural Festivals of Oklahoma: A Guide to the Best Events in the Sooner State

From Native American culture to rodeos and classic state fairs, Oklahoma is a state full of exciting events. Whether you're looking for a unique insight into indigenous culture or a classic American cuisine event, Oklahoma has something for everyone. The Red Earth Festival in June is a spectacular gathering of indigenous tribes, offering attendees a unique insight into Native American culture and the history of the United States and Oklahoma. The free festival will feature African dances, food and storytelling at Main Street Guymon.

The Oklahoma State Fair is a 10-day event held in Oklahoma City every year. Nearly a million people attend each year to enjoy a variety of entertainment including equestrian shows, music concerts and fairground attractions, with many stalls selling delicious food. It's a fun event that has something for every member of the family. The Oklahoma Arts Festival, also known as “Six Days of Spring Fun”, is held every year in central Oklahoma, in the city's Bicentennial Park.

As attendees arrive from all over the city and beyond, Oklahoma City looks like spring has truly arrived, with many exhibits related to the visual, performing and culinary arts. Attended by thousands of people every year, this festival has been running since 1967 and shows no signs of slowing down. It's worth visiting to see, hear and try out the work of some of the most talented Oklahomans. The DeadCenter Film Festival, founded at the beginning of the 21st century, has grown steadily to become one of the festivals most appreciated by film lovers across the United States.

It is so called because, because of its location in Oklahoma City, it is in the “impasse” of the United States. This event features local filmmakers and independent artists, but it has attracted a wide range of international filmmakers and, in the past, has been attended by Spike Jonze and actress Rinko Kikuchi. With regular screenings of popular and independent, classic and avant-garde films, and even an open-air cinema, DeadCenter is a paradise for film lovers. The Muskogee Castle, although built in the late 20th century, seems like a place that hosts events that will take you to 1569 and to Renaissance-era England.

The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival includes attractions such as falconry, jousts, acrobatic somersaults, and plenty of dining options. The event is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for both adults and children and is held on a weekend at the end of April every year. The Chuck Wagon Festival is where it's best exemplified when it comes to things to love about Oklahoma. Each year, the festival crowns Miss Asia Oklahoma, Junior Miss Asia Oklahoma, and Little Miss Asia Oklahoma.

The festivities are sponsored by many local organizations and can also provide you with new opportunities to participate in the community. Stay here to see the festivities come to an end with a dramatic twist under a star-studded fireworks display. The popular multi-day Greek festival holds its annual event every fall at St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in OKC. Organized by the Oklahoma City Asian District Cultural Association and the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department, this event is an exciting adventure to raise cultural awareness and brings to OKC the diverse cuisine, entertainment and vendors offered by the Asian District. The Strawberry Festival welcomes more than 30,000 visitors each year to its bustling festivities in late spring.

SCOTFEST invites Tulsaans and visitors to immerse themselves in Celtic music culture, history and heritage for three days at River West Festival Park.


, held annually in Edmond for an entire week full of festivities is another great way to experience patriotic enthusiasm rolling through OKC. The Ardmore Strawberry Festival will also host a 5K run, activities for children, and a parade down Ardmore's main street. Multicultural events and festivals are a fun and educational way to engage people of all ages in resolving misconceptions and in promoting acceptance of other cultures. Participating in cultural activities offered by Oklahoma City is a fantastic idea for new residents - from music festivals to rodeo competitions - these beloved events across the state offer a taste of what Oklahoma summers are all about.

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