Exploring the Best Festivals in Oklahoma

Explore upcoming festivals in Oklahoma such as OKM Music Festival Jazz in June Okie Noodling Tournament Libertyfest Blackberry Festival FreedomFes(t) DeadCenter Film Festival 89er Festival Plaza District Festival Red Earth Festival.

Exploring the Best Festivals in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state full of culture and tradition, and there are plenty of festivals throughout the year that celebrate the unique heritage of the state. From music festivals to rodeo competitions, from community celebrations to 4th of July shows, these beloved events across the state offer a taste of what Oklahoma summers are all about. The OKM Music Festival in Bartlesville is a prestigious event that brings together a wide variety of talented classical musicians, as well as excellent jazz, pop and Broadway artists. Great food, fascinating conferences and a variety of activities for kids make OKM a fun and exciting event you don't want to miss.

The legendary Jazz in June festival in Norman is another popular musical event that vibrates the whole city with a full roster of jazz, blues, rock and funk bands playing in different venues for three nights. Watch the main artists mingle with the crowd, enjoy a cold drink, visit intimate venues for a variety of independent acts, and sample some delicious treats from local food vendors. If you're looking for something more unique, check out the Okie Noodling Tournament in Pauls Valley. Bring the kids and you'll enjoy a good dose of summer fun like at home.

Stay a while to listen to good live music, eat lots of catfish and see who ends up being the big winner in the final weigh-in. No one celebrates Independence Day like in Edmond, Oklahoma, home to one of the ten major 4th of July celebrations in the country according to CNN and USAToday. This year, experience Libertyfest for yourself as patriotic enthusiasm rolls through the streets of Edmond for an entire week full of festivities. A car show, a parade, a rodeo, a food festival, a parade and, of course, one of the most spectacular fireworks shows in that state make Libertyfest an event you won't forget.

The Blackberry Festival in McCloud is one of the oldest festivals in Oklahoma and is a great excuse to touch, eat, laugh and show off the rich community life of the town. Enjoy delicious waves of blackberry pies, pastries, soft drinks and teas or sample some festival favorites from local food vendors. You can also burn some calories in an exciting sack race before watching the festivities come to an end with a dramatic twist under a star-studded fireworks display. Watch one of the largest free fireworks shows in the country illuminate the Tulsa skyline during FreedomFes(t).

Set up a picnic spot along the Arkansas River this 4th of July and enjoy the festival atmosphere as live music plays, food vendors serve delicious treats, and friends and family wait together for the big show to begin. Don't miss this impressive light and music show that is sure to thrill both children and adults. The DeadCenter Film Festival is the largest film festival in Oklahoma and one of the 20 coolest film festivals in the world according to MovieMaker magazine. Every February, June and October customers flock to An Affair of the Heart show at State Fair Park where they enjoy one of the largest craft exhibitions in the Southwest with more than 500 exhibitors from more than 30 states showcasing antiques, collectibles and handmade items. Feel the holiday cheer with lively light displays, holiday treats, children's activities, and weekend visits with Santa Claus at The 89er Festival held every year in mid-April to commemorate the birth of Oklahoma.

The day begins with a 5 km party and all ends with a fireworks show at midnight. What began as a celebration of the return of the revitalized Plaza District now draws crowds from across Oklahoma City area as well as visitors looking for that local flavor at The Plaza District Festival. During this all-day festival you can see performances on any of its four stages installed in the district. Community and cultural festivals keep important traditions alive while state's unique and exciting music festivals highlight talented artists from across Oklahoma. With legendary popular artists like Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg and Ramblin' Jack Elliott in past you can count on this five-day festival to feature best. It's probably main festival that showcases Native American art including beadwork ceramics basketry and cultural attire - The Red Earth Festival features American indigenous artists and dancers who want to share their heritage with rest of world.

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